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changed my profile picture again

2016-07-02 17:54:39 by elitegamer11

i changed my profile picture to the symbol of Armadyl from Runescape.

i changed my profile pic

2015-02-11 13:31:26 by elitegamer11

im a big fan of FNAF so i decided to change my profile picture.

I got promoted to scout!!!

2014-09-01 10:54:27 by elitegamer11

i got promoted to scout!!! i worked really hard on it!!!!

i got my first fan!

2014-07-11 13:22:25 by elitegamer11

i just got my first fan today! i dont know why he favourited me but its awesome!

i got a user icon!

2014-04-25 10:10:12 by elitegamer11

i got a user icon! do you guys like it?

my fourms topic became a hot topic!

2013-11-15 10:56:28 by elitegamer11

my my scholl does illigal things topic become a hot topic! its really cool becouse this is the first time one of my topics became a hot topic

i made some art for clockday 2013 here it is

i made a picture for cathode raybots becouse i have been playing it quite alot here it is

just seen orphan

2013-08-02 15:50:19 by elitegamer11

so i saw the movie orphan and its scary as shit theirs this orphan a family adopted but she is evil and kills people and stuff scary as shit you should see it and you will never guess her secret when i started watching it i thought she was possesed by a demon or something but its something way different there are some small clues in it but not that many

made some art!

2013-07-09 06:34:28 by elitegamer11

i made my first art here it is
update: i made more art for robot day 2013 here it is
robot-drawing?context=ratings:etm.user:4545744.s couted:.offset:0